Sexual Offences

policeSexual offences are defined in Part V, Chapter XXXI of The Criminal Code and encompass a wide range of offences against the person.

Being charged with a sexual offence is a very serious matter for many reasons and particularly as there is a possibility of imprisonment if you are found guilty.

Legal representation should be sought at the earliest opportunity before taking part in a police interview as in most cases we will advise clients to politely decline taking part in a police interview.

This is because any admissions made by you in a recorded police interview may be used against you in court. During a police interview you may inadvertently provide information to the police that the prosecution would otherwise have to prove to secure a conviction against you.

In other words you are potentially making the prosecution task easier and your defence lawyer’s task much more difficult.

Remember you have the right to remain silent at all times before and after you are charged.

It is therefore prudent to obtain legal representation urgently if the police ask you to attend for an interview so that we can advise you on your legal options.

Furthermore if you are charged with a sexual offence you will undoubtedly need legal representation in court as court proceedings will probably take several months even if you enter an early guilty plea. Trial will take even longer and preparation for trial is complex, requiring experience and expertise.

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