Indecent Assault and Indecent Dealing Charges

Our experienced criminal lawyers can advise on all aspects of Indecent Assault and Indecent Dealing offences in Perth WA.

The charge of indecent assault is a serious sex offence.

If you are facing indecent dealing with a child charges the maximum penalty is imprisonment for 10 years. If you are charged with Indecent assault or indecent dealing contact our defence lawyers for urgent legal advice and legal representation in court.

If possible before you are arrested by the police contact our criminal defence lawyers who will advise you on your legal rights. It is advisable to exercise your right to remain silent when interviewed by police about any alleged offences. Simply state your name, date of birth and address as you are required to by law but say no more.

The risk of proceeding with a police interview before receiving legal advice and legal representation is that you may incriminate yourself. Penalties are severe and experienced legal representation is strongly advised from the outset.

Our lawyers will discuss how to best proceed with your case to mitigate your sentence or whether you have options to defend your case at trial.

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