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Experienced Statewide Criminal Defence Lawyers

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Our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers provide quality legal representation to clients in the metropolitan area and throughout regional Western Australia.

We believe that our top results and willingness to travel, our policy of being highly accessible to our clients and our genuine commitment to each and every client as well as our customized strategic approach sets us apart from other firms.

Additionally we have a multi lingual legal team fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and Indonesian.  We can arrange for other interpreters if English is not your first language as it is very important that you can explain your situation fully to us.

All Criminal Charges
We can assist with all sorts of criminal charges ranging from drug charges including possession with intent to sell or supply, drug trafficking, simple drug charges, murder, manslaughter, common or aggravated assaults, sexual offences and many other offences.

Violence Restraining Orders
We are also very experienced with Violence Restraining Order matters representing either the applicant or respondent. If possible we will work to resolve these matters by negotiation. Contact us for a confidential, no obligation legal appointment.

Bail Applications
We also have considerable expertise and experience in making successful bail applications.

Applications for a Spent Conviction and Sentencing Hearings
Contact us early on in your court proceedings to discuss whether you may apply for a spent conviction. We consistently obtain excellent results for our clients including obtaining numerous spent convictions over the years.We attribute this to our very successful pre-sentencing strategies combined with the commitment, hard work and perseverance of each of our clients to the unique programmes we design for them.

We are very experienced in preparing for Trial and/or Sentencing hearings. No charge is too simple or too serious for our team. We are committed to obtaining the best possible results for each and every client.

Avoid Self Incrimination
If you have been arrested or charged by the police make an appointment with our lawyers for legal advice including how to avoid incriminating yourself in a recorded police interview.

Contact our Senior Criminal Defence Lawyers to book an appointment on (08) 9221 1201

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